Who I Serve

How do I know if I’m a good fit for Kraus Capital?

Typical clients are either:

AT&T employees, age 55 or older. Most are mid to high-level employees, skilled technicians, managers and directors, who have worked for the phone company for at least 20 years.
The other group includes professionals, corporate executives, business owners/entrepreneurs, individuals and families that are retired or nearing retirement.

Minimum Relationship Size

The services of KCM are best suited to the unique needs of clients whose nest egg exceeds $500,000. This minimum may be waived by the investment adviser, based on the needs of the client and the complexity of the situation.

If either of these descriptions sound like you, we would love to schedule a 30-minute call. While we would love to help everyone, we have very intentionally limited the number of clients we serve in each category so that every client gets the personalized attention they need and deserve. If you feel you are not a fit for either of the criteria listed above, we suggest that you visit letsmakeaplan.com to find a Certified Financial Planner near you.

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